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#ninkasi in #seoul. My life is a great adventure. (at 이태원 경리단길)

Tonight’s magic was magic. So pretty. #Seoul (at 세종대학교 (Sejong University))

Oh, you have homework? Let me help you procrastinate! (at 미금 엠코헤리츠)

Gifts from #koreaburn are contributing to some artsy plans next week. Such excite. (at 미금 엠코헤리츠)

Temple burn at #koreaburn (at 청포대 오토캠핑장)

Sun is setting on the temple. Beautiful last night at #koreaburn and now it’s time to light it up. (at 청포대 오토캠핑장)

I found a cool moth in a bathroom. We had a moment. #koreaburn (at 청포대 오토캠핑장)

I love my job. I don’t teach this, but I get to watch it! (Btw, these kids are grades 8 and 9.) (at 계원예술고등학교)

As an admin for BSC, a group of over 2500 people, if you want to join the group, you need to send me a message. If you send me dots, I’m going to send you a confused purple minion. (at 미금 엠코헤리츠)

Rainy Sunday strikes again! Glazed lemon ricotta cookies. (Part 2) (at 미금 엠코헤리츠)

Rainy Sunday strikes again! Extra zesty lemon sugar cookies. (Part 1) (at 미금 엠코헤리츠)

Rachel drew a picture of me while scuba diving. Let’s hope she isn’t right. #uhoh #shark! (at 죽전동)

Shared my lunch in the park with this little guy. Will someone teach me about raising bees in the city? These guys are fascinating. (at 서현 중앙공원)

Took a much needed nap today. Lucy Kitty’s tail had other plans. Fwap fwap fwap in the face. (at Dani’s Room with a View)

Lucy Kitty is like a slow groundhog/Peter Pan. She is almost 2 and has spent the last 30 minutes chirping at her shadow on the wall. I’m pretty sure this is the first time she has seen her shadow… (at 엠코 헤리츠 오피스텔)