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Lucy Kitty is like a slow groundhog/Peter Pan. She is almost 2 and has spent the last 30 minutes chirping at her shadow on the wall. I’m pretty sure this is the first time she has seen her shadow… (at 엠코 헤리츠 오피스텔)

Cherry blossoms at Seokguram. Gyeongju, Korea.

I need these paper clips! #cherryblossom #korea (at 계원예술중학교)

Saddest place in the park #Korea #Gyeongju

Lotus tea at Bulguksa Temple with Stella. (at 불국사 (佛國寺, Bulguksa))

Another trip to #Gyeongju! (at 첨성대 (Cheomseongdae))

Obligatory “erhmagerd spring flowers” post. Thank you, Korea. Your springs are the best. (at 분당 청솔마을 한라APT)

Sunday Funday turned into Jenga and open mic at Travelers! (at Traveler’s Bar & Grill / 트레블러스)

Sunday Funday with Kris and the Weird Wines class! (at GROTTO)

Lucy kitty loves her new view at our new apartment.

I love my neighborhood. #Korea #Tancheon (at 탄천교)

The weather apps call it “haze.” What it really is is China floating in the air. (at 기흥역 (Giheung Stn.))

Whenever Lucy Kitty sleeps in my lap in the living room, she covers her eyes since the lights are so bright.

Sunrise in Namhae with my wool socks. Feels like home. - Vitamins, Supplements & Natural Health Products

I have an addiction… to iherb. $4 shipping to Korea. All sorts of healthy food and skin/hair care products. I ordered some chai cookies and henna hair conditioner, and I’m super excited for those! Use my link for $10 off on your order!